Alumni Feature: Kacy (Renfro) Bradshaw

Our featured alum for the Fall issue of the Crater Foundation Alumni Newsletter is 1993 Crater graduate, Kacy (Renfro) Bradshaw. As a seventh generation Oregonian, Kacy’s Crater and Southern Oregon ties run long and deep and her commitment to her family and her profession are equally strong.

Like all our featured alums, Kacy was an active Crater student, playing volleyball, basketball and softball and serving in a variety of roles in Crater’s Student Government program. As preludes to her eventual profession, she helped organize and run the annual Crater Blood Drive and served as a Natural Helper, a special Crater program that offered peer support to classmates in crisis. During her senior year, she was selected as the Student Government Student of the Year, was a prom princess and still covets her and John Beatty’s selection as the Most Spirited Crater students. She confesses that her good friend, John Beatty, still makes her laugh, almost 30 years later.

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Fall 2022 - Issue 82