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A special thanks to all our donors – without your kind and selfless aid, the Crater Foundation wouldn’t be able to “make dreams become reality” for Crater graduates.

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Platinum Donors

$50,000 – $500,000

  • Bohnert Family Scholarships
  •  W.L. Moore Scholarships
  •  Morris Family Foundation Scholarships
  •  Crater Parent/Community Scholarships
  •  Crater Foundation Scholarships
  •  C.P. Rotary Scholarships
  •  Southern Oregon Lumbermen Scholarships
  •  Young Women’s (Fairy Godmother) Scholarships
  •  Shultz/Flannery Memorial Scholarships
  •  Touvelle Foundation Scholarships
  •  R.J. DeArmond Scholarships
  •  District #6 Employees Scholarship
  •  Carpenter Foundation Scholarships
  •  Anonymous D.S. Scholarships
  •  Junior Comets Sports Scholarship
  •  David Clair Family Scholarship
  •  Arthur R. Dubs Foundation Scholarships
  •  Cook Family Trust Scholarships
  •  Ogden & Marjory Kellogg Memorial Scholarship

Gold Donors

$10,000 – $20,000

  •  Shaffer Family Scholarships
  •  Anhorn Family Scholarship
  •  Turner-Walker Family Scholarship
  •  Anonymous Donor Scholarship
  •  Chuck Bateman Memorial Scholarship
  •  Class of 1961 Scholarship
  •  Patterson Family Scholarship
  •  Women In Education Scholarship
  •  Vaziri Family Scholarship
  •  Brownlee Family Scholarship
  •  Mildred Litster Scholarship
  •  Love Family Scholarship
  •  John Shama Family Scholarship
  •  District #6 Teachers Association Scholarship
  •  First Student Scholarship
  •  Carole Kennedy

Silver Donors

10,000 – $20,000

  •  Laurie Lucas Memorial Scholarship
  •  Jim Backen Memorial Scholarship
  •  Rose Kennedy Memorial Scholarship
  •  Richard Kennedy Memorial Scholarship
  •  Earl Kennedy Memorial Scholarship
  •  Gates Family Scholarship
  •  Errol Coffman Memorial Scholarship
  •  Noel & Lovella Moore Scholarships
  •  OSEA Scholarship
  •  Table Rock Kiwanis Scholarship
  •  Richardson Elementary PTA Scholarships
  •  Diane Barlow Memorial Scholarship
  •  Jewett Elementary PTO Scholarship
  •  Diode Laser Concepts (DLC) Scholarships

Bronze Donors

 $1,000 – $10,000

Jeff Bailey Memorial Scholarship
Becca Harkins Memorial Scholarship
Central Point Police Association Scholarship
Fire District #3 Professional Firefighters Scholarship
David Hogenson Memorial Scholarship
Clayton & Nancy Charley Scholarship
The Sherri Silva Scholarship
Zoey Tuers Memorial Scholarship
Central Point Garden Club Scholarship
Shope Family Scholarship
Dr. Robert E. Bayley Memorial Scholarship
Class of ’67 Scholarship
Roy Renfro Memorial Scholarship
Rambo Family Scholarship
Quality Fence Scholarship
Central Point Grange Scholarship
Central Point Elementary PTO Scholarship
Bret & Amy Moore Scholarship
Fire District #3 Volunteer Firefighters Scholarship
Kevin Kahili Memorial Scholarship
George Simmons/Weige Memorial Scholarship
Avista Utilities Scholarship
Patrick PTO/Mary Bradish Memorial Scholarship
Don Bohnert Scholarship
Dale Schulz Memorial Scholarship
Jack Snook Family Scholarship
Pear Blossom Run Scholarship
Harvey & Judy Tonn
Warren & Paula Cooper Scholarship
Steele Ranch Scholarship
Rob & Jolee Wallace
June & Clyde Brock
Kerry Bradshaw Memorial Scholarship
Aaron Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Sams Valley PTO/Larry Shearer Memorial Scholarship
Carrie & Mark Hanson Family Scholarship
Mullaly Family Scholarship
School District 6 Board of Directors Scholarship
Ann Bowling Fagan Scholarship
Jim & Willeen Bittle
North Valley Soroptimists Scholarship
Barkhurst Family Scholarship
Doris Irene Hodgson Family Scholarship
Johnny Walker Enlightenment Scholarship
Friends of Jay McRoberts Scholarship
C & J Super Service Scholarship
Scott Parke Memorial Scholarship
Mikey Peila MVP Memorial Scholarship
Morgan Tibbetts Memorial Scholarship
Bennett Family Scholarship
Wendie DeMott Kellington Scholarship
Mack Family Scholarship
Shipley Family Scholarship
Hull Family Scholarship
Brent & Nora Foster Family Scholarship
David & Gayle Reed
Ron & Candace Manary Scholarship
Class of 1968 Scholarship
Class of 1988 Scholarship
Howard Morris Memorial Scholarship
Cindy Triplett – Fine Arts Scholarship
Carol & Bill Russell
Dennis Patterson Memorial Scholarship
Dippel/Stidham Family Scholarship
Linda Dumont/Randy Wilkes
Zach Zelecki Memorial Scholarship
Robin Billings Memorial Scholarship
Resiliency Scholarship
Donna & Matthew Epstein Family Scholarship
Tonn Family Scholarship
Salmon – Morse Scholarship
Jennifer Barnes Memorial Scholarship