Alumni Feature: Jennifer (Pravecek) Daniele

The featured alum for this issue of the Crater Alumni Newsletter is 1989 Crater graduate, Jennifer (Pravecek) Daniele. Like so many outstanding Crater graduates, Jennifer was an active Crater student, both academically and athletically. She marvels today about how she was able to do so much while at Crater: “I was a gymnast at Glass Menagerie Gymnastics, and we practiced six days a week. I was also a Crater cheerleader and a member of the track and tennis teams. Looking back now, I’m not sure how we did it since I lived five miles from town and didn’t carpool with anyone like I do with my kids now.” Jennifer goes on to remember, “It was just the ‘Do It’ attitude. I knew it was all in my head so whatever I had the discipline and determination to do, I did. I carry that forward in the various challenges I create today, like our family running a total of 1.000 miles this year, to teach my kids that they can do big things.”

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Fall 2021 - Issue No. 78