Brian Benninger

Class of 1979

Brian Benninger earned 9 varsity letters in football, basketball, and baseball. In football he was an All Conference and All State selection. He led the conference in rushing and was voted by his teammates as the team’s Most Valuable Player. In basketball, he again was selected to the All Conference Team and was chosen as the team’s Most Valuable Player.

Brian received a full ride scholarship to Chico State to play football and in his sophomore season finished 7th in the nation in receiving as a running back and led his team in rushing. During his junior year, he sustained a severe knee injury that ultimately led to complete reconstruction of his knee. Following this injury, he his efforts to academics and received two degrees from Chico State: one in chemistry and one in exercise physiology.

After graduation, Brian entered medical school in England and continued to live there until 2000. He received his medical degree and continued to be very active in England. While attending medical school, he was chosen by his medical school peers to represent all medical students on the faculty and university board committees. He also was awarded the Trauma and Orthopedic prize.

After completing his fourth college degree, Brian remained in England for a number of years where he had an exciting life and varied career. Some of his professional activities included: serving as a professional rugby team doctor, serving as a Formula I and Super Bikes medical officer, a stint as a British Olympic Association doctor, and serving as the British Boxing Team doctor.

Brian returned to the United States in 2000. Today, Brian lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon with his wife. He works for the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon.