Whitney Black

Embark on the extraordinary story of Whitney Black, a proud 2004 Crater High alum, celebrated in the Athletic Hall of Fame.

A 2004 graduate of Crater High, Whitney excelled at basketball. While playing at Crater, she was selected first to the All-Conference 3rd team and subsequently to the 2nd team and then the 1st team. Upon graduation from Crater, Ms. Whitney Black received a full-ride basketball scholarship to Portland State University. Unfortunately, after a year at Portland State, she was diagnosed with a congenital hip disease which resulted in multiple surgeries. With playing college basketball no longer an option, she transferred to Florida Atlantic University where she eventually earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in Psychology. This led to an early career in sales and marketing and managing gyms and fitness clubs throughout Florida.

Seeking new opportunities, Whitney headed back to the West Coast to attend the Washington State Patrol Trooper Academy which led to her serving as a police officer in both Washington State and Oregon. She spent over six years as a police officer, excelling in the areas of impaired driving detection and instruction. She received a Life-Saving award from the State of Oregon in 2015 when, serving as a Forest Grove police officer, she provided life-saving measures to an individual who sustained a severe head injury after a fall. Her congenital hip disease forced her to give up her police work.

Relocating to Southern Oregon, she decided to change her path and returned to the sales and marketing field with Lithia Motors. Subsequent to that work, she be- came a Director for Kids Unlimited in Medford before joining her father in the family business, Oregon Appraisal Services, becoming an Oregon State certified real estate appraiser. After five years with this business, she now runs it as her father moves into retirement. Whitney lives in Gold Hill with her spouse, Tamera Black, and they have a two-year old daughter, Elliot (Elise) Black.