1998 Crater High School 4A State Champion Wrestling Team

This state championship team accomplishment was a surprise to everyone except themselves and their coaches.  Competing at the 4A large School division, this team began the season with only one returning state placer. 

With the coaching and guidance from head coach Greg Haga, his assistants, and the leadership from senior Tony Overstake, they were determined to become a great wrestling team.  Team members called Tony Overstake, coach Overstake because of his leadership.  At the state tournament, they defeated several top seeds to get to the finals.

This was a total underdog team that surprised everyone but their coaches and became state champions.  Tony Overstake was a state champion and Justin Godley and Ezra Morse (class valedictorian) were 2nd placers.

The Team:  Joel Dunn, Cameron Fjarli, Justin Godley, Chad Griffin, Morgan Hawkins, Tanner Hillyer, Matt Lee, Mike Lee, Ezra Morse, Sean Mullin, Andy Oman, Tony Overstake, Nick Robertson, Jayson Stratton, Burk Thomas, Mike Whitehead.

The Coaches:  Alan Devries, Andy Coulombe, Rey Guevara, Greg Haga, John Hill, Jay McRoberts, Denny Walters and Nate Winner.