Tom Perdue

Dean of Students

Tom PerdueTom Perdue belongs on any list which recognizes those who have made School District 6 a special place.

Tom was born in 1943 in Klamath Falls to Herb and Maxine Perdue. In 1953, a job opportunity at Medco prompted Herb to move his family to Eagle Point.

Tom graduated from Eagle Point in 1961. During his High School days, he earned varsity letters his sophomore, junior, and senior years in football, basketball and baseball.

In the fall of 1961, Tom enrolled in Southern Oregon College. In searching for his career niche he was advised to major in Education. Tom interviewed with Hanby principal Gilbert Mack and was hired on the spot.

Tom’s first classroom was 6th grade math and science. He recalls this being the dawn of the space program, around which his science class was based.

From 1981 to 1984, Tom was the Dean of students at Hanby. During the summer of 1984 Tom was asked to come to Scenic as a Dean and Athletic Director.

Tom retired in 1999. A school assembly was held, in part to say good-bye. Sitting in front of “his kids” two young ladies read a poem, written as a tribute to their friend. With tears streaming down both his face and the kids, a thirty two year journey came to a fitting end.