Othar Richey

Elementary School Teacher

OtharI started teaching when Sams Valley was a new school.  I spent 38 years doing what I loved and that was coaching and teaching.  At that time Scenic was not built and so Sams Valley was K-8th grade.

I coached football, basketball and track.  Later we added soccer and wrestling which then kept me very busy.  With coaching and teaching keeping me busy I was only able to be on the math committee during my teaching career.

In the beginning at Sams Valley we had not football field to practice on or have games.  But with the help of the community and weekends we were able to have a field and began a great history of a winning tradition.

What a great community of parents to work with all those years.  I was even blessed to have taught grandkids of my former students.

Every year seemed to get busy with coaching and teaching and it seemed that the years began to pass to fast.  What a wonderful experience to work at a school that had such a wonderful staff.  As a staff we always were getting together for birthdays, holidays and any other reason we could come up with.  Every one was always included in everything that we did.  We always supported each other.

It is also so nice to receive E-mails, cards letters from former students on what is happening in their life.

I have been very fortunate to be chosen many times as honor guard for the Crater high Senior Graduation.  What a very special honor.

In 2002 I received a very special surprise and honor when chosen Favorite Teacher of the Year from the Readers Choice of the Mail Tribune.

After retirement I went to work full time helping my son Reid with his pool business.  He started Clearwater Oasis/Cabana Boy and I became the pool cleaning person.  From that start the business has grown and as a few months ago I have been able to cut back to part time.  This helps me to get in the class room and sub for the district.

Our oldest son Othar is LAPD and because of his schedule and his wife being a flight attendant we have been making many trips to LA and help out with the grandkids.

The year after retirement my wife Sharon and I were able to take out two sons and their families on a Disney Cruise in the Caribbean.  Because of our first cruise experience we have taken eleven other cruises.  We have been fortunate to cruise the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Bermuda, Panama Canal, Alaska, Mexico and Hawaii.

I would need pages to tell about the highlights and working at Sams Valley and School District 6.  I can say that teaching was fun, exciting, and a joy to see students grow.  I believe that when you enjoy what you do you never want it to end.

I would like to say that Sams Valley was my second home.  When you see the smiles that give a person joy.