Lloyd Hoffine

Athletic Director

Harvey Tonn, editor of your Alumni Newsletter, recently called me to ask if I’d like to write a feature article on Lloyd Hoffine, Crater High’s most well known basketball coach and athletic director ever, because I probably knew him better than any other person with whom he taught. I told Harvey that was probably true with the exception of Dave Love, his assistant coach, another respected retired Crater faculty member.

I first got to know Lloyd when he was playing basketball at SOCE, Southern Oregon College of Education, new SOU, in Ashland in 1955. He lived with a bunch of other jocks in the basement of the old sandstone gym and I was counselor of the veteran’s dorm behind Omar’s Restaurant and one of the regular rooters at Lloyd’s games where he played for coaches Ted Schoff and Alex Peterson.

Lloyd, a Marshfield athlete and graduate was drafted into the army served from 1956 to 1958 then returned to the valley. In 1958 he became the Crater head basketball coach when he was hired by Principal, Arthur Strauss and Superintendent H.P. Jewett.

Lloyd proved to be an extremely capable and competitive coach, making Crater High one of the strongest basketball teams in the conference in a very few years. Over the ensuing years he coached such outstanding players as Bill White class of ’59 and his brother , Tom, ’61, the three Turner brothers, Bob ’64, Mike ’66 and Randy ’67, Darryl Summerfield, ’64, Mike Glines, ’63, Dave Mills, ’65, Earl Tye, ’68 and Chuck Turner, ’60, and many more.

Lloyd became Crater’s Athletic Director in 1967 at which time he turned the basketball team over to other coaches. Lloyd’s career as a leader in Southern Oregon Education was only beginning, “as Crater Athletic Director he was a founder in making the Southern Oregon Conference into one of the strongest in the state. He played a large part in supervising the fund raiser and planner for the all-weather track at Dutch Meyer Stadium and he helped establish the Mel Anhorn baseball field on Upton Road. He and Coach Dan Speasl had a lot to do with making the Crater Wrestling team one of the strongest competitors in the state, which it still is. Lloyd left the Athletic Directors position in 1989 to become an Assistant Principal at Crater a position he held until he retired in 1992.

Lloyd currently lives with his wife of 54 years, Marjorie, in Medford where he recently underwent a hip replacement at Rogue Valley Medical Center. As a result of many years of running up and down basketball courts as a player and a coach and for swinging golf clubs too many times, Lloyd has now had both hips and his left knee replaced. Lloyd continues to play golf several times a week and can always be seen working at the finish line at the annual Pear Blossom Run. Lloyd is always in attendance at the annual Crater Classic Track Meet that he was instrumental in starting in 1973.

Rill Russell, Retired Crater Vice Principal