Judy Mooster


judy MoosterThe Crater Foundation would like to honor Judy Mooster as a retired educator that spent 30+ years in School District #6. Judy is another outstanding educator that has made a difference in many young people’s lives.

Judy graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education. She began her career in School District #6 in as a teacher at Patrick Elementary School where she was also a basketball coach. She later taught at Central Point Elementary School and for her last 20 years in the District, she was a teacher at Mae Richardson Elementary School. During those years she was a volleyball coach at Scenic Junior High School, the TAG (Talent & Gifted) coordinator at Richardson and was a SODA (Southern Oregon Drug & Alcohol) instructor.

Presently, Judy lives in an active Senior Resort community in St. George, Utah where she’s been for the past two years. She tells us she is loving the sports, hiking, biking, geology and anthropology (especially Native American Petroglyphs) in her new community. She is involved with the Utah Food Bank as well as the Care & Share Soup Kitchen in the St. George community.

Since retiring, Judy has traveled to 20 foreign countries and all continents except Antarctic (she’s planning a trip there). She tells us she loved her 18 days rafting the Colorado River with some District 6 friends! What an accomplishment. Judy competes in tournaments and leagues in tennis and pickleball and participated in the National Senior Games in Cleveland, Ohio last July.

When asked what some of the highlights were while working in School District #6, Judy stated: “I feel so fortunate to have been a part of a District that focused on students! Teachers were given opportunities to be creative and progressive. My fondest memories will always be of the years in the blended 1, 2, 3 primary at Mae Richardson Elementary School. My teaching buddy, the late Diane Barlow, and the families that became “our family” will never be forgotten. The 10 years of annual over-night trips were always highlights of our studies. We had wonderful volunteer parents and great kids! How very fortunate I was.”

Judy was another valued professional and the District is very proud to have had her as a teacher in School District #6.