Chet Bowser


Chet BowserChet was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. While attending High School in Western Pennsylvania his Biology teacher/football coach inspired him to become a teacher and coach.

Following his graduation from High School in the early 1940’s, Chet enlisted in the United States Navy. From 1942 – 1944 Chet was attached to the United States Marines serving in the Pacific Theatre.

Following World War II, Chet returned to Pennsylvania in 1946 and married Nelda Simpson. Five of his seven children graduated from Crater High School.

In the fall of 1969 Chet was hired to teach biology at Crater and to coach the Varsity Football team.

Chet summed up his mission as a teacher and a coach in one statement. “The old coach loves them all.”

Chet believed strongly that the field was an extension of the classroom. In 1979 he was honored by being selected Oregon Teacher of the Year. Chet and the other 49 exemplary educators went to Washington D.C. where they met and were honored by President Carter.

The culmination of Chet’s coaching career was when he received a personal letter from Dallas Cowboys head coach Tom Landry. Coach Landry became aware of Coach Bowser’s commitment to kids and took the time to write and thank him

Chet retired in 1985.