Carole Kennedy

Physical Education

Carole KennedyCarole was born in a small rural town on the Colorodo — Utah border.

The Kennedy clan moved from Colorado to Hillsboro during World War II. Carole’s parents worked in the shipyards in addition to maintaining a filbert farm. Then the family moved to Coos Bay and operated a dairy farm.

Carole enrolled at Oregon State University after graduating from Marshfield High School in 1954. Carol earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education in 1958.

Carole was hired by Superintendent Dutch Meyer in 1964. Carole recounts Mr. Meyer detaining her in the lobby of her motel until she signed the contract.

In the spring of 1966, Carole walked into the office of Crater principal Art Strauss and informed him that she was going to start a Girls Track Team.

Lloyd Hoffine, a longtime District 6 educator, quotes “Carole did more for girl’s athletics than anyone I have ever known.”

In the fall of 1968, Scenic Junior High opened and Carole moved to that level. From 1968 until her retirement in 1990, Carole taught Physical Education at Scenic. During her tenure she also coached gymnastics and track. Carole, nicknamed “Sarge”, because of her commitment to following policy and her search for excellence was admired and loved by her fellow educators.